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Moostash Joe
M oostash Joe wasn't always Moostash Joe (you kinda gotta grow into a name like that).

He grew up as just plain ol' Joe Spellerberg, a Nebraska kid who loved polka music. Joe played for dances and has a show called The Polka Show on KHUB in Fremont, Nebraska.

One night in 1965, just outside West Point, Nebraska, on the way to a dance job, Joe saw the flashing lights of a patrol car in his rear view mirror. The patrolman who wrote the ticket, Clarence Mayhew, was a fan of Joe's and The Polka Show, but he had one beef with Joe (in addition to the speeding). He thought "The Polka Show" needed a better name.

The patrolman looked Joe over and noticed he sported a small mustasche.

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Mayhew suggested the show be called The Moostash Joe Polka Show. The monicur for Joe stuck, and since then, every business venture of Joe's has used the Moostash Joe name

That night, Joe gained more than a speeding ticket--he and Clarence became fast friends until Mayhew's death in 1993.

In 2010, Joe celebrated 50 years as the personality on the Moostash Joe Polka Show.  He also was the inagural winner of the Midwest Music Master Award. 

This award is presented to an individual every year who has dedicated his or her lifetime to promoting, performing, and being an ambassodor for music in the midwest.  Click on the link below to watch the award ceremony!

Award Ceremony

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